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Elanda Pharma Sp. z o.o. is a Polish firm with  many years of experience, connected with producing therapeutic products. The production activity   of the Plant includes packing of homogeneous herbs , herbal mixtures , manufacturing of liquid forms (tinctures) , producing of dietetic foodstuffs. All the by the Plant created products possess the required authorizations issued by the Health Minister, or they are located in the Chief Sanitary Inspector`s register. The high requirements laid down for row materials used in the production, according to the highest standards, included in the GMP and HACCP, which are implemented in the firm, together with the usage of modern machine park, enable to get the medical preparations of the highest quality.
The products, offered by ELANDA  are appreciated by the customers and they are winning their spurs to a larger and larger degree, both on home and foreign markets. The effects of our work result in many rewards, such as: "Product of the Year", honorable mention in the group of products called "Good because Polish". Taking into account the future tendencies and needs of its customers, ELANDA constantly enriches its commercial offer, proposing new, more comfortable forms of products, like gels and tablets.

Herbal tea sorts supporting slimming process
The variuos sorts of herbal tea can be recommended as supporting means in reducing of excess body mass .They contain the fruit of Garcinia cambogia, which has the positive influence on fat burning and L-carnitine , which stimulates fat metabolism processes and intensifies using them as an energy source. The herbs used in products composition help us keep a slim silhouette, they are recommended in digestive tract disorders and make digestion easier. Regular drinking of herbal tea connected with diet and physical exersice supports the slimming process. !