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Hawthorn fruit contains  phenolic acids, tannins. It normalizes the activity of nonstriated muscles of intestine, urinary tract, blood vessels and reinforces the heart action.

Rosa canina (Dog rose) fruit is the source for supplementing  the vitamin C deficiency.

Lemon balm leaf (melissa)  containing volatile oil has a normalizing and supportive effects in cases of  overexcitability, feeling of anxiousness, insomnia.

Shavegrass herb (Horsetail herb) is the source of  flavone compounds, of potassium and silicon with regenerating and health – oriented action. On account of its simply available silica and capillary stabilising effect the herb is often used in complexion care.

Indications for use

The product is recommended as supportive and supplementary agent in everyday diet. The tea supports and can also boost heart function.

No. of authorization to turnover:

Information to Chief Sanitary Inspector GIS-BŻ-Ż 4230-1291-1/KŚ/10


20 bags x 1,5g each