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Horsetail herb, dandelion root, hibiscus flower, nettle leaf, Garcinia cambogia fruit, L-carnitine.


Shavegrass herb (Horsetail herb) is the source of flavonoids, of potassium and silicon with regenerating and health – oriented action. On account of its simply available silica and capillary stabilising effect the herb is often used i.a. in complexion care.

Dandelion root influences the secration function of pancreas, liver.The preparations containing dandelion are recommended for keeping the level of blood sugar normal and proper stomac acid conditions, as well, as in general weakening by convalescent patients and elderly people.

Nettle leaf contains vitamin C , K, B, flavonoids, mineral components (mainly calcium and potassium). It has the reinforcing properties and the positive influence on metabolism (it enables removing of harmful metabolic products).

Hibiscus flower contains organic acids, flavonoids, mucous substances, sugars. It is the component of digestion supporting products with the pleasant sourish taste.

Fruit of garcinia cambogia (fruit of malabar tamarind) contains the hydroxycitric acid (HCA). It is the active component helpful for reduction of body mass, as it can limit the fats synthesis, as well, as depress appetite, it contains ,among others, the serotonine - appetite regulator.

L-carnitine stimulates metabolic processes of fats and intesifies using them as energy sources. The properties of L-carnitine influence hampering of adipose tissue growth and thus it positivly influences the reduction of body mass.


The tea is recommended in excessive body mass reduction. The herbs –product ingredients support keeping a slim silhouette, they are indicated in alimentary tract function diseases by supporting proper digestion.


20 bags x 1.5 g each


Before using, look through the leaflet, which includes indications, precautions, contraindications, unwanted actions , as well, as dosage data and information connected with the usage of the medicinal product, or consult the doctor or chemist.