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Caraway fruit  is a typical aromatic oil source. It is used in supportive treatment of alimentary tract function diseases connected with improper digestion.

Fennel fruit containing volatile oils stimulates appetite, helps in speeding up digestion, it is recommended as adjuvant for using in dyspepsia.

Mint leaf  is the main source of  volatile oils and that is why it is used as adjuvant in dyspepsia or in alimentary canal catarrh.

Matricaria capitulum  by reason of its volatile oils content is used inter alia in regulation of gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Indications for use

The tea can be recommended as supportive agent in digestive disturbances. The herbs used as product components are helpful in gastrointestinal problems of alimentary tract functioning, they regulate the function of alimentary system.

No. of authorization to turnover:

Information to Chief Sanitary Inspector GIS-BŻ -Ż 4230-1287-1/KŚ/10

Package content

20 bags x 1,5g each