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Product description

Sonol – it is a complex medicine in a form of liquid for using on the skin, externally used as an additional agent in curing the infectious diseases of the skin. The active substances are: salicylic acid – 21mg/1ml, thymol - 2mg/1ml and menthol – 21mg/1ml.This medicine is very good and comfortable in usage, in package of "roll-on" type.

Indications for use

SONOL is recommended as an auxiliary agent in curing the infectious diseases of the skin; for smearing the itching places and efflorescences on the lips

No. of authorization to turnover:

Certificate of registration - MZ i OS (Health Ministry) No. R/0584.

Package content

SONOL, liquid is placed in a bottle (HDPE) ending up with a roll-on type closur , screw cap (PP) and clamping ring (LDPE,PP). That medical product is available in package containing 8 g of the preparation.


Before using, look through the leaflet, which includes indications, precautions, contraindications, unwanted actions , as well, as dosage data and information connected with the usage of the medicinal product, or consult the doctor or chemist.