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Viola tricolor popularly also called „ pansy” contains flavonoid compounds, mucilages, saponins. Flavonoids of viola tricolor are active in blood purification, they mitigate urinary system disorders, help to forme proper chemical bonds with  harmful metabolic products, they support the strenghtening of capillary walls .
Mucilages, saponins have smoothening effect in respiratory system diseases.


Pansy Tea is a dietary supplement.
The product is recommended for use by persons taking care of proper funcions of  the urinary system. It is a herbal support for people with  skin problems, especially in puberty. Recommended as supportive means for taking care of facial skin.

Notification to Chief Sanitary Inspector :

GIS -ŻP-SD-4230-1196- 1/KCH/11


30 tea bags x 1,5 g each