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Children`s  Tea -  fruit tea with fennel -
for children aged over 3 years  20 x 2 g

100 % of nature
Without aromas and artificial dyes
Mild  taste of uniquely natural components

The pharmaceutical enterprise ELANDA having a long experience in manufacturing of herbal products has prepared the special line of tea for children. The tea is composed on the basis of only natural ingredients. Its mild fruity and herbal taste will certainly be to all childern`s liking. The fruit tea with fennel it is a good choice for our kids. It is recommended for drinking at any time of day or year.
The product is especially recommended for children aged over 3 years and for the whole family.


Ingredients: fennel fruit (35%), chamomile flower, anise fruit, raspberry fruit, caraway fruit, lime flower


Contents netto: 40 g (20 x 2g)