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Bean pericarp  contains amino acids, choline, allantoin, flavonoids and many minerals salts abundant of water-soluble silica.It positively influences the proper blood sugar concentration.

Nettle leaf  contains herbal dyes, vitamin C, vitamins of group B, organic acids .
It helps to keep blood glucose  level normal, enables digestion and food absorption, has a positive influence on metabolism.

Couch grass rhizoma contains considerable amounts of mucous substances, volatile oil, mineral salts. It has a mild effect on digestion problems.

Rosa canina (Dog rose) fruit contains, besides vitamin C, tannins, carotenoids, organic acids, volatile oils, sugars, pectins. Fruit is a rich source of vitamin C - the content is 10 times higher than that in black currant. The amount of 1 – 3 fruit is sufficient for covering the daily human vitamin C requirement. It is to be emphasized that the natural vitamin C in fruit is 3 times more effective than the synthetic one taken in tablet form.

Indications for use

The tea is a supplementary agent in everyday diet. It is recommended for persons with elevated blood sugar levels .The herbs used as product components support keeping of blood sugar level normal and support secretion function of pancreas, as well.

No. of authorization to turnover:

Information to Chief Sanitary Inspector GIS-BŻ-Ż 4230-1288-2/KŚ/10


20 bags x 1,5g each