About the company

Highest European standards combined with years of experience

Elanda Pharma is a Polish company manufacturing medications, foodstuffs, and dietary supplements  for over 25 years.  

Since 2019, Elanda Pharma has been licensed to manufacture and process group I-N narcotics (including THC) and group II-P psychotropic substances (including CBD), as well as veterinary products.

We meet the requirements of PN-EN ISO 13485 in the scope of design, development, manufacturing, and distribution services for non-sterile medical devices.

The high requirements we place on raw materials and materials used in production, under the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP, along with modern machinery park, result in top quality products.

Our products are appreciated by customers and recognised both on domestic and foreign markets.

Elanda Pharma also provides such services as repackaging and labelling medicinal products, medical devices, dietary supplements, foodstuffs, and cosmetics.

Liquid and semi-liquid forms manufacturing services

A full range of contract services in the following areas:

  1. 1
    Transfer of technology
  2. 2
    Manufacturing process validation
  3. 3
    Manufacturing of liquid and semi-liquid products in plastic and glass packaging – wide capacity range
  4. 4
    Packaging, repackaging, conditioning, and labelling
  5. 5
    Production process optimisation
  6. 6
    Quality assurance, quality control, product release
  7. 7
    Wide range of product laboratory tests

Liquid forms: syrups

Semi-liquid forms: emulsions and gels

Semi-liquid forms: ointments and creams

All processes are standardised under Good Manufacturing Practice

Product formation on request 


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Contract Production

Contact – Justyna Olszak

Phone: +48 515 373 186

Email: j.olszak@elanda.pl

Complaints by email can be submitted to: reklamacje@elanda.pl

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